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Here at AmeriTech Pest Solutions, we know that eastern subterranean termites cause Georgia to be one of the leading states in the USA for termite activity and termite damage.

The eastern subterranean termites are one of the most common and widely distributed termites in the USA. They are commonly found from Southern Ontario, down through all eastern states of the USA, including Texas.

Subterranean termite swarming occurs during the spring but occasionally a smaller swarm may occur during the summer months. Swarming most often occurs in the morning hours after a warm rain shower and the temperature reaches around 70 F.

Termites are social insects. They have many members of different casts. Each cast performs a different roll and all are interdependent upon each other to survive. The casts include the queen, kings, winged reproductives, soldiers and the worker termites.

The queen is an egg laying machine. She can live more than 25 years and produce more than 2,000 eggs a day!

The workers do the most damage and by far are the largest cast of the colony. They carry out all the work of the nest.

The soldiers defend the colony, particularly against ants with whom they have engaged in a war lasting 250 million years.

Termite swarmers are commonly seen when they swarm during daylight hours. They are poor fliers but are swept along by the wind, where they land and drop their wings, find a mate and become the king and queen of the new termite colony.

If you see what you think might be swarming termites, it is imperative that you take immediate action. Swarming is a sign of a healthy, working colony of termites. The swarm only lasts a few minutes, but the workers remain, eating wood 24/7.  Left untreated, they can turn your beautiful home into an ugly statistic!

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