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Here at Ameritech Pest Solutions, we get calls from time to time from frantic homeowners who have discovered a snake inside their home or yard.

There are about 28 different species of snakes found here in the Covington area and only three are venomous:  Rattlesnakes, Cottonmouths (water moccasin) and Copperheads.

The vast majority of snakes that people find are non-venomous and totally harmless.  And, as a matter of fact, most are extremely beneficial to us.

One of the most common snakes that get into homes is the DeKay snake, or sometimes referred to as the brown earth snake.  These snakes are very small, with adults reaching only about a foot in length.  Because of their small size, they can easily crawl underneath doorways or through small crack or opening around vents, and end up inside the house.

Below are two pictures of DeKay snakes.  If you find a small snake in your yard underneath a rock or piece of wood, there is a high likelihood that it is one of these little snakes.

Because some snakes are poisonous and can be very dangerous, it is a good idea that you don’t try to pick one up or mess with it unless you are absolutely certain of the species.  You can use a broom or stick to move a snake along out of your way or herd it into a bucket for relocation to a place away from you if you want to.

You also need to know that, in the state of Georgia, it is actually illegal to kill an non-venomous snake!

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