Roof Rats Covington GA – Identifying the right Rat

Here at Ameritech Termite and Pest Control, we get calls often from homeowners who are concerned about Roof Rats.

The roof rat is dark brown to black in color and measures 13 to 18 inches in length including tail. The weigh 5 to 9 ounces,

are slender, and their ears are large and nearly hairless. Their droppings are long and cylindrical.


Roof rats nest outside in trees, woodpiles and debris, and in dense vegetation. Inside, roof rats prefer to nest

in the upper levels of a building in the attic and ceilings.

Food Preferences 

Typical food is fresh fruits, plant material, nuts and seeds. However they also eat, bird seed, dog and cat food, grains, insects

lizards, tree bark, soap, paper, bees wax and wax candles.

How Roof rats enter homes

Sheds, garages and other structures through openings larger than a nickel, looking for places safe from predators and good for



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