Chiggers Covington

Chiggers, the immature stage of certain mite species, most frequently occur in overgrown brushy or grassy areas, especially where small rodents are abundant. Also they may be congregated in shady, humid areas near stream banks, under or around trees, or in berry thickets. The body’s reaction to digestive enzymes that chiggers use to liquefy skin cells causes the rash, intense itching, and misery that begins a few hours after they have fed.
Personal Protection-
-Avoid walking through unmowed fields, brush, and other overgrown areas.Instead, walk in the center of mowed trails to avoid brushing up against vegetation where chiggers congregate.
-When hiking or camping in potentially chigger-infested areas, wear long pants that are tucked into boots or socks and long sleeve shirts. Clothing made tightly woven fabrics will tend to keep chiggers from reaching the skin as easily.
-Apply an insect or tick repellent. Products containing diethyl toluamide (DEET) or permethrin (clothing treatment only) are most effective. Be sure to read and follow directions for use on the container.
-Showering or bathing immediately after coming indoors effectively removes chiggers which have not yet attached. If that is not possible, thoroughly and briskly rubbing your skin with a dry towel may remove chiggers before they are able to attach and feed.
-Reducing Discomfort from Bites
-Apply over the counter anti-itch medication (hydrocortisone, Calamine lotion, ect.)
-Physicians may recommend oral Benadryl or a prescription strength steroid cream

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