Springtails Covington GA-Moisture Problems

Here at Ameritech Termite and Pest Control, we get calls often from homeowners who are concerned about Springtails.


Springtails are very small, commonly between 1/16th and 1/8th in long. Springtails are associated with damp conditions

and organic debrisand are found out doors in soil, leaf litter,lichen, under bark , decaying plant matter, rotting wood and

other areas of high moisture. However when conditions are suitable, you can also find springtails indoors, especially in

bathrooms,basements, and kitchens. There are several reasons why springtails may be found indoors. They commonly

are found in areas of high moisture, e.g. around plumbing leaks, areas of condensation, and damp basements. If you are

seeing a persistent number of springtails, they are associated with a moisture problem.


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