5 Ways To Win At Spring Pest Control This Year

spring pest control preventionFor most, spring is a lovely time of rejuvenation and nature. It is a season when warmth slowly returns and the days grow longer, as well as a time of starting anew. Unfortunately, the change in the weather can also mean a new chance for pests to enter your home.

If you’re concerned about keeping your home pest-free throughout this spring, be sure to follow these tips on how to win at spring pest control.

  1. Conduct Inspections

Inspections can be crucial for keeping your pest control goals. Many pests, such as termites, burrow during the winter. An inspection can be key in identifying if these pests have been surrounding your home while they wait for spring.

Inspections are not only useful for concluding whether or not there are pests in or around your home. Inspections can also identify some potential entryways for pests or point out some factors of your home that may attract these unwanted guests. You can then deal with these factors with the knowledge you gain from the inspection.

  1. Tighten Seals Around Your Home

It’s not uncommon for pests to enter your home through even the smallest cracks. This is definitely something to look out for when planning your spring pest control. If you’ve noticed a crack somewhere around your home, now may be the time to think about fixing it.

Fixing cracks in your windows and doors will not only keep pests out, but it will help your home stay insulated from the outside temperature. As the heat starts to build up, the critters will begin to appreciate the warmer temperatures in your home.

  1. Eliminate Standing Water

On top of the heat, pests tend to love and grow near standing water. If your home has a leak or your gutter is not cleared, pests will surely be quick to invade.

  1. Clear Out Clutter

Though it seems cliche that insects like spiders and roaches grow in dirty garages, they really do love that type of environment. If you want your spring pest control to be successful, you’ll need to do some spring cleaning.

Be sure to have some form of bug spray with you when cleaning these areas, as the spiders will be sure to run amuck once you move around there temporary residency.

  1. Watch the Food

If there’s anything pests love even more than humidity, clutter, and heat, it’s food. These pests will do anything to get their hands on any kind of food. So, be sure to keep food out of reach and away from the ground.

Pet food is also of concern and should be kept above the ground. Be sure to replace your dog/cat’s water bowl every day, so as to avoid old, standing water.

Do You Need Help With Spring Pest Control?

Ultimately, not all spring pest control will be fully successful. It’s not uncommon for the occasional creepy crawler to enter your home even after all these precautions.

If you need help with dealing with the pests around your home, be sure to visit our website and ask about our free consultation and 58 point pest analysis!

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