How to Handle a Fall Bug Infestation

bug infestation

Fall brings many wonderful things, including fluctuating temperatures, changing leaves, and the promise of joyous holidays. Maybe you also have your eye on sale hunting.

However, fall also brings some unwanted guests, and no, we are not talking about your great Aunt Ellen on Thanksgiving Day. We are talking about creepy crawlies. The change in weather causes an influx of certain bugs, and they can be a real pain.

Are you dealing with a fall bug infestation? Want to know how to handle it and prevent the same situation in the future? Keep reading below for your guide on handling fall bug troubles.

Common Fall Intruders

Bees do not just migrate south, such as birds when the weather changes. They become active to prepare for winter. Sometimes this process means creating a home in or near your own home.

Call in a professional to move bees, as they are both beneficial to the ecosystem and becoming endangered.

Roaches are another common fall sight. As it cools down, they may start to invade your turf to find warmth and food. Similarly, mice become more of an issue to escape the cold.

Spiders and beetles can also make an appearance in homes as fall begins.

Prevention is the Best Tactic

While it is possible to treat an infestation, it is best to avoid the infestation altogether. Proper prevention can save you tons of money and stress.

Basic prevention tips include checking for and sealing any holes or cracks into your home. Check your chimneys, doors, windows, and along any exterior facing walls.

In addition to sealing up any entrances, it is crucial to assess your cleaning habits. Are they up to par? All pests need shelter, food, and water just like we do. Be sure to clean up any food items promptly after using them.

Never leave opened food items on or near the ground. Try to avoid dirty dishes piling up in the kitchen sink as well. Take out your trash often.

When a Bug Infestation Has Already Occurred

Even the cleanliest of homes can deal with infestations. If you notice signs of an issue (mice droppings, visual sightings of mice or bugs, etc.), calling a professional could be helpful.

This option is especially true if you realize you are dealing with a bed bug problem, which is more difficult to treat than an ant or beetle problem.

Professional pest control experts will know the extent of the infestation and what steps need to be taken to rid your home of unwanted guests.

Keep Your Home Pest Free

We hope you feel a little more ready to handle any bug infestation that comes your way, whether in the fall or not.

Ready to get a professional opinion on your current pest situation? Maybe want to chat about some options? Please contact us, and we would love to help you out.

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