5 Bugs in Georgia to Watch Out For in the Summer

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Bugs in Georgia are a problem year-round.

It’s in your best interest to know which bugs to look out for.

Want to find out what bugs you need to call an exterminator for? Read on.


  1. Asian Kudzu Bugs in Georgia

The kudzu bug from Asia is non-native species of bug that resembles a tick, ranging in color from green to brown.

These bugs have been a nuisance around the South, infesting a number of states.

They’re especially attracted to light colors, so you may find them on your white T-shirt or even on a white house exterior.

As a relative newcomer, the kudzu bug is often confused with the next species of bugs in Georgia, the stink bug.


  1. Stink Bugs  

Besides bed bugs, the stink bug is probably the biggest irritant to people — literally!

This bug gets its name from the musty, unpleasant odor it gives off when crushed. Most insecticides don’t work against them, making them one of the most irritating of all the bugs in Georgia.

Stink bugs get into homes a variety of ways. They can sneak in cracks around windows or doors as well as window air conditioning units.

They’re also extremely attracted to plants, such as tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables.


  1. Asian Citrus Psyllid  

This next bug can be a huge irritant to plants as well. Citrus trees are a favorite food of the Asian citrus psyllid, which eats the shoots of the plant as it grows.

In addition to orange and lemon trees, it attaches to ornamental plants that resemble these citrus plants.

This insect is small, and a mottled brown color. The Asian citrus psyllid is especially irritating to small gardeners.


  1. Kissing Bug 

The deadly kissing bug is not as friendly as its name makes it sound.

This bug causes Chagas disease by spreading parasites that carry the infection.

If you have pets, this bug is one to look out for as Chagas disease is primarily found in animals, proving deadly to pet dogs.

These bugs are hard to find, and can often be found hiding under beds. It’s best to call in a professional to deal with kissing bugs.


  1. Bed Bugs

This well-known household pest is found in beds and mattresses, just like the kissing bug.

Bed bugs can carry disease, so it’s best to tackle them as soon as they are found.

These critters are adaptable. They can be found hiding behind paintings, hitching a ride on a moving truck, or even coming as an unwelcome addition if you have a visitor stay over at your house.

Signs of the bugs include itchy bites when you wake up, dark spots on your sheets, and a musty odor.

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